Dear Friends,

We need your help! The Siouxland Expo Center will transform the region into a premier destination for agricultural conventions, expositions, and demonstrations as well as youth sporting events and tournaments.

This exciting project provides an opportunity for your company to enjoy extensive year-round exposure to thousands of residents and visitors. Through your association with the Expo Center, your organization will be recognized as a contributor to the improved quality of life in the region. The benefits to your business image as a committed corporate citizen will be invaluable.

The Siouxland Expo Center will:

- Provide a safe, fun and functional facility for family and youth-oriented organizations in the tri-state area hosting agricultural events, tractor and trade shows, large community events, and recreational activities.

- Spur economic growth and small business development to serve those who participate in the Center’s events, and the entire Siouxland Region.

We invite you to join the many companies, large and small, who are investing in this exciting high-profile partnership. Plus, you will have the benefit of knowing you are investing in the future growth and prosperity of our community.


Dirk Lohry

President, Siouxland Expo Center

Dirk Lohry - Board President

Dirk Lohry - Board President


Dirk Lohry

Retired Executive

Bill Feiges

Cloverleaf Cold Storage

Skip Perley

Thompson Electric/TEC Corp

Eric Gilbertson


Rhonda Robson

Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA

Jim Braunschweig

WITCC Foundation

Terry Schelm

Home Builders Association

Molly Hewitt

ISU Extenstion

Dustin Cooper

The Arena

Renae Billings

City of Sioux City

Barbara Sloniker

Siouxland Chamber of Commerce


Bob Scott

Mayor, Sioux City

Bob Padmore

City of Sioux City

Chris McGowan

 The Siouxland Initiative 

Matt Salvatore

City of Sioux City

Marty Dougherty

City of Sioux City